1. Withdrawal Policies:

All Withdrawals must be submitted to the Admissions Director in writing. A 30 day notice for withdrawals is required. Students who withdrawal mid-month will not be prorated or reimbursed.


 2.  Schedule changes:

We are happy to accommodate schedule changes when able. Requests for a schedule change must be submitted to the admissions director ( and billing department ( . Schedule change requests must be submitted 30 days prior to change. Some schedule changes may not be possible.


 3. Missed or sick days:

The Montessori classroom is prepared to accommodate your child and his/ her space is reserved. We will not credit days or money for missed days due to vacations, illnesses, schedule changes, appointments, field trips absences, etc.


 4. Teacher Prep Days, Holidays, Days off of school:

Please review our calendar to see allotted days off. There is one (1) Friday monthly that is a teacher prep day. There are also numerous holidays and breaks off from school. There will be childcare on Teacher prep days and parent-teacher conferences. There will be no childcare on Holidays or breaks. Monthly tuition rates remain the same even when there are breaks. There will be no discounts or reimbursement on tuition when there is time off school. You are still required to pay your full monthly tuition. Students may not change their schedule due to a holiday or break.

 5. Field trips:

Students who are enrolled in Early Childhood are encouraged to attend field trips. There will be 1 field trip monthly.  “Remote” field trips are field trips that do not occur at PMA. “In house” field trips are field trips that occur at PMA (i.e. Yoga class @ PMA).  Most field trips will occur on Wednesdays, but not always. If you elect to not pay the additional $50 field trip fee (for remote field trips) your child will be required to stay home on those days and not attend  school or that field trip. There will be no make up days, additional school days, school reimbursement or childcare provided to families who do not attend remote field  trips.

Chaperoning is a large part of our remote field trips. We are so thankful for our parents who volunteer their time to chaperone.  Chaperoning is not required. If you are unable to chaperone, your child will be placed with another parent chaperone, elected by the teacher. Chaperones are required to take their student and one other student (whenever needed). Childcare will not be provided if you elect to not send your child on remote field trips.


 6. Morning care and afternoon care:

If your child is not enrolled in morning care and afternoon care and you would like to do a drop-in please email or call the office, 24 hours in advance.


 7.Late pick-up fees:

 a. Pick up time for the school day is at 3:00 PM. If your child is not picked up by 3:15 PM, they will be sent to after care. After 3:30 PM, you will be billed the full price for after care ($16/ daily).

 b. At 3:15 all remaining students must be in their own parents care or the care of the after school staff. Students who are not enrolled in after care should not be in the after care room.

 c. If your child is enrolled in after care or doing a drop-in, they must be picked up by 5:30 PM. A late pick up fee of $1/ minute will be charged after 5:30 PM

 d. If you arrive after 5:30 PM more than 3X’s monthly, you will no longer be able to use this service.


 8. Additional days/ hours:

If you are wanting to add a one-time additional day to your child’s schedule please email your child’s teacher and the Admissions Director ( 48 hours prior to the requested drop-in. Drop-ins are only available if our ratio allows for it and will not always be approved. The fee for a drop-in is $35.


 9. Sick Child/ Wellness

 a. For the wellness of our community, under no circumstances may a parent bring a sick child to school (See symptoms requiring removal from school). Children should be fever free/ have not vomited/ had diarrhea in the last 24 hours to return to school. In the event your child becomes sick at school, parents will be called and are expected to pick up the child within 1 hour (60 minutes).


 b. Symptoms requiring removal from school:

Fever (100 degrees or above), sore throat, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, earache, breathing trouble, swollen glands, continuous coughing, childhood diseases (ringworm, lice, hand, foot and mouth, etc.), Child is irritable, continuously crying/ cannot be soothed.

 c. Vaccination

PMA requires that all students be up to date on their vaccination records. Please provide most recent vaccination records to the front office before the 2020-2021 school year begins.


 10. Authorized pick-up.

Only the parents and emergency contacts listed in your online application will be able to pick up your child. Photo ID is required for first time pick ups. If you would like to add additional authorized persons, please visit the office for an “authorized pick up” form. 

 11. Meals at school

 a. School Lunch is available through nurture life. School lunch is NOT included in monthly tuition and is a separate fee. Please enroll in school lunch through your online application or contact the office.

 b. Breakfast is not provided for before care students.

 c. PMA provides a healthy morning snack around 10AM every day. PMA also provides a snack to students in our after care program.

 12. Fees

 a. Students re-enrolling at PMA/ Students who have been attending PMA are required to pay a re-enrollment fee of $300 is required at the time of application. If the fee is not paid at time of application, the application will not be processed and your spot will not be held.

 b. New students/ students applying for the first time are required to pay a $350 enrollment fee. If the fee is not paid at time of application, the application will not be processed and your spot will not be held.

 c. There is school supply fee due at the time of application. This fee covers your child’s supplies for the entire year.

 d. There is a field trip fee of $100 for students attending “remote” and “in house” field trips. There is a $50 fee for students who are only attending “in house” field trips.

 e. Additional fees throughout the school year are, but not limited to, Fall festival, Winter Concert, Valentines Date Night.

 f. Fee’s are non-refundable.

 13. Delinquent payments

PMA is fully funded on tuition payments. Therefore, it is important that monthly payments are made. If a parent becomes more than 2 months behind with payments, they must contact the office to set up a payment plan. If the payment plan is not followed, the student will be required to withdrawal.


 14. Credit Card

A credit card on file is required for enrollment. Credit cards will be run for your tuition amount by the 5th if you enroll in autopay. If you do not want to be on autopay, you must pay by check prior to the 7th of the month.  You must have a credit card on file even if you elect to pay by check.