Early Childhood at PMA includes:


Three-year mixed-age community:

Ages 3-6, including kindergarten, in one classroom, staying with the same teaching team for three years (vs. narrow age-groupings with annual teacher changes from the threes to the fours, and so on).

Uninterrupted, child-led time to deeply explore and concentrate

…at each child’s individual pace (vs. herding children from one adult-led activity to the next).

A full set of scientifically designed Montessori learning materials,

…covering practical living/independence skills, sensorial exploration/science, language, and math. We offer different, enriched learning opportunities that extend beyond the toys you already have at home. These advanced materials like the Large Bead Frames or the Botany Cabinet, challenge students through kindergarten.

*Tuition prices are under the "admission" tab.

Ages: 3- 6 years

Ratio: 1:10

Full day hours: 9AM-3PM

Half day hours: 9AM-12PM

Extended morning: 7:15AM-9AM

Extended afternoon: 3:00-5:30

In the Classroom